Why We Do What We Do - Welcome to WeatherPro

Recently I was asked: “What do you do?”

I said that I owned a siding company with my nephew.

Their response after a moments consideration was, “I guess someone has to do that.”

Far from feeling annoyed at this flippant, insensitive, distasteful and unfeeling comment, I was in fact energized, validated and determined. That’s right - that’s what I do - I make people’s dreams come true! Often beyond what the customers dared hope. 

We take a diamond in the rough and polish it to its gleaming potential. We enhance the actual value of our customers greatest investment. 

Value to us is multifaceted: 

  1. Emotionally - our customers experience joy and contentment
  2. Physically - our customers have been known to jump up and down with glee, thereby gaining aerobic and cardio exercise!
  3. Practically - our customers home is now worth more money, thereby increasing their net monetary worth, which, in turn, leads back to points one and two.

All this elevated positive energy will naturally benefit mankind. Allow me to unpack this obvious assertion.

Increase positivity in your sphere of influence and before you know it, others are beginning to feel the same way. If each positive person be likened to a spark, it only stands to reason that sufficient sparks ignite a blaze. A blaze of positivity can spread: eventually, potentially engulfing the world! Imagine the possibilities!

In short, one happy customer can have a world wide ripple effect. And you thought we just do siding.

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