Our Values

1) Relationships are more valuable then money:

At WeatherPro we understand that money is important. But money is often a barrier to building trust. We strive to respect your time and your money with fair and honest quotes.  It is our goal to be as transparent as possible and that you feel that you got great value for hard earned money spent. We work hard at making your experience with WeatherPro as a positive and stress free experience.

We also believe that a key to any successful business is quality time at home with family. We try our very best to find that happy place with in our employees. Most of the time feeling good at home translates into feeling good at work. And this often results in a better experience with WeatherPro.


2) Build a culture of honour inside and outside the company:

  • Allow employees to make key job decisions.
  • Always, always, always remember how I like to be treated and treat all others that way.
  • No over charging no matter what.
  • No cheating on the job.
  • Honour a contract even when a mistake has been made that negatively affects the business.
  • Inspire respect by respecting others.


3) Respect the Environment:

At WeatherPro we believe strongly in working at protecting the future of this planet for our children. It is our goal to leave this planet better then we found it. In short, we live here but we don’t own it. We are continuously looking for ways to use less and encourage the use of better products.


4) Over all presentation of the Company:

We work hard at doing things better and better every day. Not only is it our goal to be professionals but also to look like professionals.  We work hard with our company and our staff to make sure that they have good quality equipment and that they maintain the cleanest work space.

5) Giving back:

At the very centre of how we wake up everyday is our love of people and of life. The owners at WeatherPro have high regard for giving back some of whats been given. A portion from the top of the profits and not from whats left over is given to charities that we love and support.


6) Employee Treatment:

The heart of any company is its employees.  As a company, we feel successful when we have a happy and satisfied work force that feels respected.  We try our very best to support them and to make sure that feel compensated in the most fair manner possible.  If an employee is not making the cut: we employ a "three strike" rule.


7) Respect the government no matter how badly it’s screwed up!

WeatherPro does not work for cash, period.  Don’t even bother asking!!  We believe in paying every dime of tax that is owed to the government.  We believe in the ethical treatment of people which includes the government.


8) Have fun!